Consumers of today become more and more critical in their buying behaviour. Refined oil is ready for consumption, but can contain waxes which can have a negative influence in their presentation.


SRC is equipped with a winterisation unit, which can remove these waxes with a minimum impact on yield. During winterization the oil crystallizes at low temperatures. The low temperature is an explanation for “winterization”. After cooling down the oils is filtered and waxes are removed.

Cold test

After winterization an analysis takes place in our laboratory. After winterization the oil has to stay clear after 8 hours of cooling down. Winterization is applicable to soft oils, such as (H.O.) sunflower oil, rapeseed oil, safflower oil, corn oil or walnut oil. Fats ore not suitable for winterization. After winterization the oil is delivered in the truck of our client, filled in IBC’s or drums if required.

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